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Welcome to my high school football page. I created this page so alumni of California Central Coast high schools, who have moved away, could get results that may not be available where they live now. Locals are welcome, too, of course. The big news this year is that releaguing has broken the old Pac-7 and Los Padres Leagues into 3 leagues, the Pac-5, Los Padres, and Northern Leagues. Our three leagues are in the CIF Southern Section, not the Central Coast Section, which is north of us.
Complete schedules coming soon... in the meantime, please see CalPreps:
The 2014 schedule in table format. This was created with LibreOffice. I've viewed it in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, so it should work for everyone. Here it is in Excel .xls format.
Watch KSBY's Friday Night Highlights streaming live, at 11:15pm (0615 UTC), and get some of the scores before I do.
A note about the map links, these are to the game sites, not necessarily the school sites. For example, Paso Robles plays their home games at Flamson Middle School and Cabrillo plays home games at Lompoc High.
Please note that I haven't yet confirmed all the Live Video and Audio links, so they may change, appear, or disappear, up to or after game time.

Most of the radio stations are available through the TuneIn Radio app.
You might want to try it on Android, iOS, or Windows phone
I use the Pro version, but the free version should suffice.

All games start at 7:00 pm unless indicated otherwise.

Please note that I do the updates Saturday morning. Barring unforeseen difficulties, the scores should be up by Noon. Thanks.

Welcome back, Dave Alley

2014 Standings

Pac-5 League

                  League    Overall             School's Official Site
Arroyo Grande      0-0        4-1               Eagles          map
Atascadero         0-0        4-1               Greyhounds      map
Paso Robles        0-0        5-0               Bearcats        map
Righetti           0-0        3-1               Warriors        map
San Luis Obispo    0-0        1-4               Tigers          map

Los Padres League

                  League    Overall
Cabrillo           0-0        2-3               Conquistadores  map
Lompoc             0-0        5-0               Braves          map
Pioneer Valley     0-0        2-2               Panthers        map
Santa Ynez         0-0        1-4               Pirates         map
St. Joseph         0-0        2-3               Knights         map

Northern League

                  League    Overall
Mission Prep       0-0        3-2               Royals          map
Morro Bay          0-0        2-3               Pirates         map
Nipomo             0-0        3-2               Titans          map
Santa Maria        0-0        0-4               Saints          map
Templeton          0-0        4-1               Eagles          map

League games start the week of October 10

Here are the teams sorted by their pre-season CalPreps ratings:
I'm not saying the leagues are wrong, but the numbers are interesting.
We'll see what happens after they play the games.
Lompoc             41.6
Atascadero         32.2
Arroyo Grande      31.1
Paso Robles        30.1
Righetti           26.8

St. Joseph         22.3
Mission Prep       19.4
Nipomo             13.2
Morro Bay           7.8
San Luis Obispo     7.5

Santa Ynez          3.6
Pioneer Valley      2.3
Cabrillo           -6.8
Templeton         -12.6
Santa Maria       -23.2
Newspaper links with an * have more than one game per article.


Week 0 (29 Aug 2014)

Arroyo Grande                13 at Lompoc                       20  SM Times  SMT Photos  Video at Fox Sports West
Woodbridge (Irvine)          13 at Atascadero                   33  Atas News
Paso Robles                  48 at Clovis                       30  Paso Daily News  Paso Press  Fresno Bee  FB Video
Righetti                     17 at Ventura                      42
San Luis Obispo              12 at Santa Ynez                   30
Cabrillo                     21 at Santa Maria                  19  SM Times  SMT Photos
Nipomo                       38 at Pioneer Valley               31  SMT Photos
Santa Fe                     20 at St. Joseph                   42  SM Times  SMT Video
Christian (El Cajon)         56 at Mission Prep                 21
Morro Bay                     7 at San Pedro                    35  Daily Breeze Photos
Bakersfield Christian        66 at Templeton                    27  Paso Press

KSBY: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Week 1 (5 Sep 2014)

Independence (Bakersfield)   23 at Arroyo Grande                62  SM Times  SMT Photos
Atascadero                   42 at Morro Bay                     0  Atas News
Adolfo Camarillo             35 at Paso Robles                  41  Paso Press  Paso Daily News
Pioneer Valley               54 at San Luis Obispo              34
Dos Pueblos                  15 at Cabrillo                     34  SM Times  SMT Photos  SMT Video  Presidio Sports
Lompoc                       35 at Nipomo                       34 Overtime  SM Times  SMT Photos  SMT Video
Carpinteria                  35 at Santa Ynez                   27  SM Times  Presidio Sports
St. Joseph                   28 at Santa Barbara                21  SM Times  Presidio Sports
Mission Prep                 28 at Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia)     27
Santa Maria                  30 at Santa Paula                  41
Templeton                    41 at Beverly Hills                 7  Paso Press

KSBY: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Week 2 (12 Sep 2014)

Arroyo Grande                41 at St. Joseph                    7  SM Times  SMT Photos
Stockdale (Bakersfield)      31 at Atascadero                   34 2 Overtimes  Atas News
Paso Robles                  45 at Cabrillo                      6  SM Times  SMT Photos  SMT Video  Paso Press
Simi Valley                  23 at Righetti                     28  SM Times*  SMT Video
San Luis Obispo              29 at Oxnard                       26
Lompoc                       42 at Nordhoff (Ojai)              10  Video at Fox Sports West
Santa Ynez                   20 at Dos Pueblos (Goleta)         48  Presidio Sports
Pomona                        0 at Mission Prep                  2  **
Segerstrom (Santa Ana)        8 at Morro Bay                    40
Carpinteria                   6 at Nipomo                       48  Presidio Sports
Santa Paula                  28 at Templeton                    35  Paso Press

Pioneer Valley                     BYE
Santa Maria                        BYE

** Pomona canceled, citing travel expense. CIF is ruling this a forfeit. SGV Trib

KSBY: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Week 3 (19 Sep 2014)

Pioneer Valley                7 at Arroyo Grande                31  SM Times  SMT Photos
Atascadero                   20 at San Clemente                 49
St. Joseph                    0 at Paso Robles                  31  Paso Press
Santa Maria                  13 at Righetti                     57  SM Times  SMT Photos
Templeton                    35 at San Luis Obispo              28  Atas News
Cabrillo                      7 at Bishop Diego                 35  Presidio Sports
Morro Bay                    14 at Lompoc                       42  SM Times  SMT Photos
Santa Ynez                    0 at Nipomo                       54  SM Times  SMT Photos
Mission Prep                 24 at St. Monica                   16

KSBY: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Week 4 (26 Sep 2014)

Liberty (Bakersfield)        21 at Arroyo Grande     #4 N Div   24  SM Times  SMT Video
Nipomo           #1 NW Div   21 at Atascadero        #8 N Div   35
Paso Robles       #2 N Div   42 at Nordhoff (Ojai)   #9 N Div   10
St. Joseph                   14 at Righetti                     37  SM Times  SMT Photos
San Luis Obispo              14 at Morro Bay       #10 NW Div   23
Templeton                    28 at Cabrillo                     23  SM Times*  SMT Photos
Dos Pueblos (Goleta)          7 at Lompoc            #3 N Div   45  SM Times  SMT Photos  SMT Video  Presidio Sports
Pioneer Valley               48 at Santa Maria                   7  SM Times
Fillmore                     31 at Santa Ynez                    8
Mission Prep     #2 NW Div   13 at Linfield Christian(Temecula) 30

KSBY: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Audio and Video Links

Arroyo Grande: KZOZ - KZOZ
Atascadero: KIQO - KIQO
Paso Robles: KPRL - KPRL - KPRL -- Live Video - Live Video
San Luis Obispo: KXTK - KXTK
Santa Ynez: KRAZ
Lompoc/Cabrillo (Home Only): Video - Video 11pm Friday, 3pm Saturday, Sunday from Lompoc TAP TV
 (I have yet to see a game here. Perhaps it's only on the cable system and not streamed?)

Week 5 (3 Oct 2014)

Nipomo           #2 NW Div      at Arroyo Grande     #4 N Div
Atascadero        #8 N Div      at Pioneer Valley
Morro Bay        #8 NW Div      at Paso Robles       #1 N Div
Righetti                        at Lompoc            #3 N Div
Cabrillo                        at San Luis Obispo
Santa Ynez                      at Templeton
Santa Maria                     at St. Joseph
Bishop Diego      #6 N Div      at Mission Prep     #7 NW Div

Tweets from https://twitter.com/CCHSF/lists/scores
Start of League play

Week 6 (10 Oct 2014)

Arroyo Grande                   at Paso Robles
San Luis Obispo                 at Righetti

Santa Ynez                      at Cabrillo
St. Joseph                      at Pioneer Valley

Mission Prep                    at Templeton
Morro Bay                       at Nipomo

Santa Maria                     at Hueneme
Atascadero                         BYE
Lompoc                             BYE

Week 7 (17 Oct 2014)

Righetti                        at Atascadero
San Luis Obispo                 at Paso Robles

Cabrillo                        at Pioneer Valley
Lompoc                          at Santa Ynez

Morro Bay                       at Templeton
Nipomo                          at Santa Maria

Arroyo Grande                      BYE
St. Joseph                         BYE
Mission Prep                       BYE

Week 8 (24 Oct 2014)

Righetti                        at Arroyo Grande
Atascadero                      at San Luis Obispo

Lompoc                          at St. Joseph
Pioneer Valley                  at Santa Ynez

Nipomo                          at Mission Prep
Santa Maria                     at Morro Bay

Paso Robles                        BYE
Cabrillo                           BYE
Templeton                          BYE

Week 9 (31 Oct 2014)

Atascadero                      at Arroyo Grande
Paso Robles                     at Righetti

St. Joseph                      at Cabrillo                         [Thursday]
Pioneer Valley                  at Lompoc

Santa Maria                     at Mission Prep
Templeton                       at Nipomo

San Luis Obispo                    BYE
Santa Ynez                         BYE
Morro Bay                          BYE

Week 10 (7 Nov 2014)

Arroyo Grande                   at San Luis Obispo
Paso Robles                     at Atascadero

Cabrillo                        at Lompoc
Santa Ynez                      at St. Joseph

Mission Prep                    at Morro Bay
Templeton                       at Santa Maria

Righetti                        at Pioneer Valley
Nipomo                             BYE

End of League Play

Round 1 of CIF Playoffs (14 Nov 2014)

Northern Division

Northwest Division

Round 2 of CIF Playoffs (21 Nov 2014)

Northern Division

Northwest Division

Round 3 of CIF Playoffs [Semi-Finals] (28 Nov 2014)

Northern Division

Northwest Division

Round 4 of CIF Playoffs [Finals] (5 Dec 2014)

Northern Division

Northwest Division

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